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  1000 x 1200
  1000 x 2000

KUHLMANN Prokomat 25S

Technical Data:
Model KUHLMANN Prokomat 25S
Working area X/Y/Z 600mm x 600mm x 200mm
Feed rate 6m/min.
Axis 3
Bottom cabinet welded inkl. button cabinet for electr. components
Weight 2t
Control System BES AC Servo Steering, new
Keyboard of Machine membrane keyboard
Covering optional available
Suction optional available
Vakuum plate optional available
Tool length sensing optional available
Edge sensing optional available
Motion control AC-Servomotors in each axis, new
Frequency Transformer Precise Frequency converter
Milling spindle Precise Spindle incl. quick chuck system, up to 6 KW available
Spindel cooling liquid cooling
Spindel speed in rpm 5.000 bis 54.000 rpm
Spindel power 0,9 KW
Tool cooling optional available
Tool changer optional available
Magazin places max. 10 possible
Dividing head optional available
Computer 19 Zoll Pentium Industrial PC, new
Opperatingsystem MS-Windows 10
Engraving Software BESGrav DIN Package
Description The P25S is currently being refurbished, the equipment can still be changed to your requirements. Rails and ball screws are new.
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