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  400 x 600
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  800 x 800
  1000 x 1200
  1000 x 2000

KUHLMANN P25ST AC-Servo / Sercos 2019

Technical Data:
Model KUHLMANN P25ST AC-Servo / Sercos 2019
Working area X/Y/Z 400 x 460 x 200mm
Feed rate 6m / min.
Axis up to 4
Bottom cabinet welded
Machine dimensions 80cm x 120cm x 160cm
Weight 1T
Control System BES-Steering, new
Keyboard of Machine BES M25, new
Covering optional available
Suction optional available
Vakuum plate optional available
Tool length sensing optional available
Edge sensing optional available
Motion control Bosch / Rexroth AC-Servo, new
Milling spindle Precise SC62M, 1,1 kW, max. Tool diameter 8mm
Spindel cooling Liquid cooling
Spindel speed in rpm 5.000 - 60.000 min/-1
Spindel power 1,1 KW, stronger HF-Spindles optional available
Tool cooling optional available
Tool changer incl. Tool length sensor
Magazin places 7
Dividing head optional available
Computer 19 Inch Industrial PC
Opperatingsystem MS-Windows 10
Description The machine is currently being refurbished
Guarantee Machine 6 month, Spindle 3 month
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